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The Antelope motif with the four legged figure has the perfect structure to be converted into a seat. I used Morphology to transform the Antelope motif into my design idea. Initially I changed its round form to an angular form which resulted in creation of the two L shape pieces that became the module of this bench. Next with the swirl motion and added modules, various functions and performances were defined for the product. Other studies have been made to find suitable connectors to convert one module to two modules in various directions. Alongside a research on user Ergonomic functions and social interactions took place and analyzed too. This product is made of a single module that is not functional on its own and at least two units need to be connected with screws and bolts, for it to be used. On the next level the wooden pieces are inserted in the concrete grooves. These modules can connect to each other endlessly and be used as a table too. The L shape of the units makes them easily storable with minimum space usage. These modules are equally functional in outdoor spaces such as parks as well as indoor spaces such as cultural or commercial centers.