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This unit is designed to be suitable to start an independent yet low cost life. It has the ability to be arranged in various positions to make different furniture sets and been made changeable from a chair to a table, bed and shelf to suit small spaces.

In the past 30 years the life in the current societies has been changed; and the increased population, lack of space in each individual life, mandatory home moving’s, inflation and environmental dangers are some of  negative impacts of the changes . The living spaces got smaller and with day to day technological advances, the need for more technical gears grows significantly. So The Screw design with its unique quality to change into different furniture pieces to suit various limited spaces when buying full furniture sets is not possible, reducing the storage space needed and easy stress free moving, enables the users to only buy a few low cost  chair packs and then change them into different furniture unites as needed.

Natural bamboo is used as its main body and it not only is beautiful but also is very environmental friendly. The verities of colors and textiles that can be used in the chairs cushions would suit each individual taste. The chair’s assembly is very easy and anybody can do the job perfectly. All the bolts and screws are internal and out of sight in final assembled product which adds to its beauty and fineness. All the pieces such as bamboo pieces, cushions, back, joints and etc… Are packed inside the seat of the chair; and all have been put inside a pouch for easy carriage and storage with a 50x50x8 centimeters square shape. Furthermore all the cushion covers are removable and made of polytonal which is easily washable. By purchasing these packages each user has been abled to enjoy a beautiful set of unique, stylish interchangeable furniture specially designed for small spaces and make a peaceful interior in their home or office.