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During the history the chairs have gone through lots of ups and downs; and their developments during the passing time made them easier to use. This is the reason behind various usages of chairs like dining room chairs, armchairs and office chairs in eastern and western cultures.

During the design process of this project in addition to maintain the simplicity of the forms we tried to meet different cultures. Although the orientation of different cultures in the framework of a chair within the standards is a difficult task.

The cubic form of the product keeps it stable and balanced in all directions. Moreover the three way usage of the product in formal, informal and friendly etiquette is possible only by 90 degree turning of the chairs.

This product has been designed in a way to be kept as light as possible (4kg) considering all aspects of its functionality. This aim has been reached by choosing light weight materials and hallow frames to keep the weight of the product as low as possible.

 Light weight woods like Russian wood has been used for the main frames with steel profiles covered in chrome to stabilize the joints. The canvas parts have been connected to the frames with wooden profiles covered in Plexy glass to add more stability.